Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Its been too long!

Here are a few updates since 2011! Garrett is 4 years old and Colton is 2 years old. The boys are best friends and we love it. Garrett misses the deadline for school this year but is so ready for it. He has so much energy and loves sports. He would love to play soccer, baseball, football and basketball. We are working on getting him in to at least one of those. He recently has started to try and break dance. He watched his cousin Kolby do it and thinks it is the coolest thing now. It's awesome! Colton is obsessed with cars. He loves to make the vehicle have passengers so he will stuff whatever he can find including lint and cheerios into his little box cars. It's hilarious! He can count to 10 which is amazing and has most of his colors down. We are still working on the potty training thing. He would rather stand like the other boys in the house then sit to go. So thats fun....Other then that things are going great. We are doing a garden this year so hopefully we will get lots of produce from it. Mark is doing well at his job and I am enjoying working part time still. We will be in our house for 5 years this year! Hopefully we can get some good home improvements done this summer also. We are loving the beautiful weather. We love the outdoors! Here are a few pics!
Christmas 2011

 October 2012
 December 2012


The Kidd Family said...

So fun! They are too cute! They are going to start signing up for the break dancing classes in june if you want to sign him up.

The SHEFFER clan said...

Glad to see you back!

Your boys are just wonderful!!

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